Writing Resources

Looking for your own writing prompts? Here are some useful links:

642 Things to Write About by San Francisco Writers’ Grotto

Creative Writing Prompts from Writer’s Digest

Eclectic and Thought-provoking Writing Prompts from Tumblr

Writing Prompts That Remind Me of High School Literature

Personal and Non-Fiction Writing Prompts from The New York Times

Writing Prompts for Kids

Need other writing resources? Check out these websites:

Acronym Finder

Fake Name Generator (really detailed and inclusive!)

Internet Anagram Server

Google Translate

Reverse Dictionary (Search concepts or definitions)

RhymeZone (for poems and songs)

Thesaurus (a must for editing)

Tip of my Tongue (search using partial words, definitions, letters, and even the rhymes)

Awesome Worksheets and Printables for Help

Writer’s Digest “Novel in 30 Days”: Full of worksheets for character development and whatever else you need to finish your novel.

In-Depth Character Worksheet by Jody Hedlund!

Helpful Pictures and Diagrams (click for larger image)

lsqu8qcp7nkg4w5xz7qy(Expand on emotions with this chart)

45 ways to avoid using very(cut out “very” with this graphic)

medium_Body_Language_1_by_Amanda_Pattersonmedium_Body_Language_2_by_Amanda_Patterson(Body language cheatsheets)

*Photo used through Creative Commons from jjpacres


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